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Upcoming Events List

  • Safe and Effective Sedation for the Pediatric Dental Patient

    Mar 26 - 28, (ET)
    This course features the recognized leaders in the field, both in dental anesthesia as well as pediatric dentistry. You’ll find didactic lectures, case studies, film clip sessions, panel discussions and hands-on breakouts with personalized attention. 
    Tampa, FL, United States

  • Management of Pediatric Sedation Emergencies: Simulation Course

    Mar 29, 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM (ET)
    While no one ever expects an emergency situation to arise, attending this course will help you and your team be more prepared should the unexpected arise. This course is designed to simulate emergencies that may occur in a pediatric dental office. 
    Tampa, FL, United States

  • AAPD 2020 Annual Session

    May 21 - 24, (CT)
    Nashville, TN, United States


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Community Spotlight

Caries Risk Assessment

AAPD recognizes that caries-risk assessment and management protocols are essential elements of contemporary clinical care.




Community Spotlight

Fluoride Therapy
(including SDF)

Out of over 2 million, 45 manuscripts were handpicked to revise the AAPD Guideline on Fluoride Therapy. The revision included expert opinion; care to join the fray?


Community Spotlight

Residency Program Management

Having trouble keeping the new Doctors in check? Come join the discussion and add your thoughts on the best way of wrangling residents.


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