• The intent of AAPD’s Shared Interest Group is to promote conversations and meaningful dialogue among members to shape the scope of pediatric dentistry. Please remember asking members to support a proprietary or charitable cause not affiliated with AAPD is strictly prohibited. Please see the agreed upon terms and conditions. Members violating this rule will received a written warning for the first offense then removed from the community if reported again.

  • Shared Interest Group Chairs

    Each topic in the Shared Interests Group has a SIG Chair.

    Shared Interest Group Chairs by subject. Please keep chatting

    • Behavior guidance - Dr. Robert "Bobby" D. Elliott
    • Caries risk assessment- Dr. Norman Tinanoff
    • Children with special health care needs -Dr. David A. Tesini
    • Children with special health care needs - Dr. Jessica R. (De Bord) Webb
    • Fluoride therapy (including SDF) - Dr. Vineet Dhar
    • Hospital-based practice - Dr. Lisa S. Jacob
    • Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine- Dr. Catherine M. Flaitz
    • Practice Management- Dr. Ann M. Bynum
    • Residency program management -Dr. Suzanne E. Fournier
    • Residency program management -Dr. Mitali Y. Patel
    • Restorative techniques -Dr. Joel H. Berg
    • Sedation/anesthesia - Dr. Sarat "Bobby"  Thikkurissy
  • Little Teeth Chat

    We know the value that AAPD members put on networking and educational opportunities we provide through our Annual Session and programs throughout the year. To build on that value, we are excited to enter into this new phase of member communication by providing AAPD members an environment to connect, engage and share critical information and best practices in real time in the new online Shared Interests Groups (SIG) community called Little Teeth Chat. This is a private Members’ only group that is safe and secure.

    Topics include:
    Caries risk assessment
    Behavior guidance
    Fluoride therapy (including SDF)
    Restorative techniques
    Children with special health care needs
    Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine
    Hospital-based practice
    Residency program management
    Practice management, including:
    • Coding
    • Finances
    • Marketing
    • Patient and family dynamics
    • Staffing (officer managers, dental hygienists, dental assistants, etc.)
    • Associates and partnerships