• Waterline Safety: Mock Trial & Expert Insights to Ward Off Scary Situations

    Join the jury on Sunday, May 26th from 8:30am-10am @AAPD Annual Session, Toronto. Using a fast paced and largely unscripted mock trial format, two veteran trial attorneys will represent their clients before the judge and jury to determine the degree of liability for dental unit manufacturer ACME Dental Inc or the treating dentist for damages suffered by a child plaintiff who suffered serious complications due to an infection caused by contaminated dental unit water. AAPD conference attendees join the trial as the presiding judge announces her decision and rationale on pre- trial motions that were submitted by the defense and plaintiff’s attorneys. 

    Learning Objectives: Understand the differences between civil and criminal jurisprudence using scenarios based on cases involving both malpractice and product liability. Clarify the importance of proper documentation and record keeping as essential elements of practice risk management Explain how critical evidence-based expert witness testimony can be in determining case outcomes Elaborate why properly validated instructions for use are essential elements of risk avoidance for dental manufacturers and vendors.

    See you there!


  • AAPD 2023 was Incredible

    After taking some time to bask in the glory of AAPD 2023, we can confidently say that it was an Annual Session like no other. We pulled out all the stops to create an extraordinary celebration! From an electrifying Welcome Reception at SeaWorld to captivating lectures by renowned experts – this event will forever be etched in our memories.

    But hold onto your seats, because we're not done yet! Get ready to be blown away,May 23-26, 2024, as we set our sights on surpassing the spectacular success of AAPD 2023 in the enchanting city of Toronto! Rest assured we are tirelessly working behind the scenes to deliver an experience that will leave you speechless, including a full performance by Barenaked Ladies at the Welcome Reception. So, save the date and get excited for a next-level AAPD event that will redefine what it means to be extraordinary!