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As part of the preparation of a dissertation or a thesis, a student or a researcher may have to organize an interview in order to collect information for his topic. When preparing for this interview, he will have to write what is called an “interview guide”.

An effective tool even for a professional or any candidate wishing to conduct a research interview, the writing of this interview guide, also called the “interview grid” requires some upstream thinking.

In order to be able to write an effective maintenance guide so that it provides the expected results, it is wise to understand the elements that characterize it. Let's start by defining what a semi-structured interview is, the main element that will condition the content and form of the related interview guide.

What is a semi-structured interview?

The semi-structured or guided interview is also called “qualitative interview” or “in-depth interview”. As its name suggests, this is an interview to collect information, from a questionnaire, in which the questions are prepared and asked to the interviewees so as to let them express themselves more freely.

There are three (3) types of interview, the choice of which will depend on the subject category or research theme. The semi-structured interview is halfway between the structured interview and the open interview, and is the most frequently used model for qualitative analyzes. Sometimes scholar don't have writing skill to write guide in his thesis work, and he may think something like: write my paper for me, please.

What is an interview guide?

An interview guide is above all a kind of memento whose role is to structure an interview within the framework of a thesis, in order to obtain comparative elements. It is therefore advisable to take the time to prepare it upstream. Use custom dissertation writing service to complete your thesis paper for a good score.

Concretely, it is therefore a document which will frame the context and the course of the interview, and which will list the questions to ask and / or the themes to be addressed during this interview.

It is said to be "semi-directive" when it favors open questions and will allow, if necessary, to anticipate possible changes, at the level of the list or the order of the questions.

What is a semi-structured interview guide used for?

The semi-structured interview guide will serve as:

  • From Guide :

The interview guide in general will be used to structure a research interview as a whole, to order its progress from start to finish, so that it is as efficient as possible.

  • From card and notepad :

Like a handy sheet, it will be used to write down the questions, subjects, themes to be addressed or asked during the interview.

  • Cheat sheet (or reminder) :

If necessary, it can be used to remind the interviewer of the elements, the objectives of the study… if he has “a hole” during the interview.

The semi-structured interview guide written by english essay writing help is also used by extension, to reframe the debate by the interviewer if necessary, to return to a specific subject with the right questions in the event that the answers tend to go outside the context of the study.